Squirrel Creek Ranch

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Located in Ashton on Hwy 20.

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Ashton, Idaho was nicknamed "the gateway to adventure" because it is just that! The Ashton Trail leads 10.5 miles east to the Targhee National Forest and is the only groomed trail from Ashton. But don't let that discourage you. Ashton is home to thousands of acres of farmland and receives ample amounts of snow cover creating a snowmobilers dream.

Once in the forest, one is forced to choose from an awesome list of remote and beautiful destinations.

The Flag Ranch Trail to the east, at the head of which lies Squirrel Creek Ranch, runs parallel to the southern border of Yellowstone National Park. Gas, food and lodging is available at the ranch, with ample parking a mile to the east. Squirrel Meadows (14 miles from Squirrel Creek Ranch), Grassy Lake (26 miles) and Flag Ranch (34 miles) are all popular destinations on this trail. The Jackass Loop Trail loops back 14.4 miles to the west at Squirrel Meadows creating a fresh way back to Squirrel Creek Ranch. Be sure to stop in for a hearty meal and a cold beer after your ride.

For a taste of Yellowstone, the Cave Falls Trail stretches 13.5 miles to the north east ending at the beautiful Cave Falls in Yellowstone National Park. Sheep Falls on Falls River and Horseshoe Lake to the north are also wonderful places to visit on this lovely trail. Parking is available at the trail head and is accessible from Squirrel Creek Ranch via a short 3 mile groomed trail.

To access the trails in northern Fremont County from Ashton and Squirrel Creek Ranch one must make their way to Warm River. Click here for more information on this section of Fremont County snowmobile trails.